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    For the last 30 years we been working and developing restaurants in more than 35 country. France, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Russia. UK, Kuwait. UAE ... to build and develop restaurants, till the year of 2004 when we opened the 1st Mercato Italiano with great success, then I realized that we can bring something special to customers across the word with real pizza made the old fashioned way from fresh dough hand stretched and cooked in brick oven, homemade Italian cooking pasta, meat, fresh garden salad and many of the great Italian sauces made from scratch. mercato italiano strong brand awareness has been developed primarily through quick service restaurants and through the expansion of our high quality fast- casual,

*serving a great fresh meal at affordable price.

*treat our venders as partners – train and develop our staff to become our future company leader and partners when it comes to pizza & pasta we never cut corners. We take pride in superior quality of what we serve, as we select ingredients and prepare them in our special way

*Mercato Italiano is a fast growing chain of quality Italian restaurant. Founded by the karykous family it is created with a mission to provide a blend of fast food and quality Italian cuisine. Mercato italiano is a fast growing chain Italian restaurant.

*we have more than 30 years experience in table service. Causal dining and quick service. Over the years. We have created and developed our own pizza recipes, continuously working on menu development to lead the Italian market segment

*we focus on our products .we provide quality Italian food, mercato italiano is the fast growing Italian restaurant of quick service casual dining where we can show our strength in shopping  

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Pizza Margherita
with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese and oregano.
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Spaghetti and Meatballs
3 meatballs topped with neapolitan sauce
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Seafood Soup
with creamy sauce & shrimp & calamari and clam
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